I am a qualified and experienced yoga, Pilates, mindfulness movement and meditation teacher.

In all my yoga sessions, I incorporate the mindful flow of yoga poses, breathing practices, focus, self-awareness, meditation and deep relaxation.

Yoga practices offer great tools for relaxing,  creating calm, managing stress and anxiety and grounding and focusing you into the present moment all of which help to deal better with  life and work challenges you may be experiencing. When you come from a place of calm and clarity, it allows you to respond better to situations, improves your performance and increases your confidence to take action.

In your busy life,  yoga creates space to reconnect with yourself mentally, physically and emotionally – bringing you back into balance, to develop resilience and enhance wellbeing.

While recovering from a mental breakdown in my early twenties, yoga became a physical and mental anchor for me. Even to this day, the Mind Body practice of yoga helps ground and re-balance me when things seem out of balance – in either my personal or professional life. It offers me head space from a situation, to become calm, to refocus and find a solution. I see yoga practice as my Mind Body maintenance.

Having experienced and understood the benefits of yoga, it has remained with me all this time. As  a well-seasoned practitioner and teacher, I can vouch for it’s transformative effects on both mind and body.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga for You

Yoga practices can help you overcome the stresses of modern living and with your Mind Body maintenance creating balance, calm and wellbeing.

The yoga sessions I offer are a mixture of slow flow yoga and dynamic/ vinyasa flow yoga, incorporating breathing practices, meditation, focus and relaxation. The practice you choose will depend on where you are at that moment as our energy levels, mood and circumstances fluctuate every day. The ebbs and flow of life, will dictate the practice you need, when you learn to listen to your body wisdom.

On days, you are feeling stressed, tense, agitated, stuck in your head with a busy mind where you may prefer something more dynamic. I offer Vinyasa flow yoga to help bring you back into your body, your breath and ground you into the present moment to refocus.

For days, when you may feel tired, low energy, emotional or maybe you haven’t slept well.  I offer Hatha Flow or Yin style yoga. This is a slower, more relaxing yoga practice which will help revitalise you and make you feel energised again, bringing you back into balance.

Through the various styles of yoga practices, you will become more aware of your body wisdom and what you need for YOU. 

When you apply these amazing yoga techniques on a regular basis, you will also evolve yourself to feel calm, clear, energised, focused and balanced.

If you would like to discover the benefits of yoga and start yoga today to reduce stress, relax and become calm.

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