"The entire team found Anne Marie’s Communication and Assertiveness Workshop really useful and relevant. As the team leader, I found the workshop a powerful and reflective course that made me reflect on my own practice a great deal.

The Communication and Assertiveness Workshop was well paced, with rich content and plenty of opportunity for the team to share and discuss ideas. The workshop met all of our objectives, whilst creating a secure and a safe place for team members to share."
Tancia Payne
Team Leader, LCC University of Arts, London
When I began working with Anne Marie I felt kind of ‘stuck’. I knew, I had goals that I really wanted to achieve, but I was not sure how to go about it.

Anne Marie provided me with caring and grounding support through her one to one coaching sessions. She has helped me to clarify my goals for developing and expanding my business, which helped to bring significant improvements to both my career path and income and other areas of my life. It was like a fresh start.

I strongly recommend Anne Marie for her professionalism and wisdom. I am grateful for all the benefits I have drawn from her inspired coaching practice. When it comes to work, I do not worry about the outcomes as much as I used to.

Now I know that I will get there in the end and support will be available along the way if I need it. The most important thing for me was to know where I wanted to go. Anne Marie’s tools and insight made all the difference.
Alo Raptopoulos
Yoga teacher & Director at Yoga Enlights, Singer- Songwriter.
Feeling stressed and overwhelmed at work, Anne Marie’s yoga and coaching retreat came at a just the right time. I was a bit concerned about being part of group but Anne Marie created a very safe, trusting and positive atmosphere, that put us all at ease.

As a result of the yoga and coaching retreat I was able to identify the exact cause of my stress. Since the retreat, I have been able to be consciously more present when I am at home and with my children.

Anne Marie is a wonderful communicator. She is warm, generous of spirit and fun. A big THANK YOU Anne Marie. From the food to the company and care – thank you.
Victoria Scarborough
Senior University Lecturer & Actress
I was struggling with what I now know to be ‘Imposter Syndrome’. I worried that I was overpaid and not living up to my employer’s expectations. My thoughts were only ever about work or fitness as I pushed myself physically and mentally, yet expected my personal life and relationships to progress on their own.

Through Anne Marie’s one to one coaching sessions I came to realise that I am not responsible for everything little thing that goes wrong. The homework helped me to stay on track between sessions and I was soon able to stop blaming myself for everything that happened. I also realised that I needed to spend time thinking about other things that I wanted beyond work, which had been my only priority for so long.

Anne Marie’s one to one coaching has helped me to realise my self-worth and now I make time to sort out the other areas of my life that I have neglected for far too long.
Fennella Brown
Interim Head of Brand & Events
I had begun to find that I had a growing number of unresolved tasks that were becoming more urgent and beginning to mount up. I was beginning to feel rather stuck and would push a lot of the important things to one side, promising myself that I would deal with them later but would never quite get round to it.

Through Anne Marie’s one to one coaching sessions my attitude towards dealing with set-backs has changed and I am now able to take a clear course of action and take control of the situation. As a result, I am no longer ‘ok with being ok’, as I realise that there is alot more that I can achieve.

I have also been able to form stronger and more effective relationships at work and with friends and family. I am more focused about what I want from relationships and receive more opportunities from people because I’m better at voicing my goals.

I really enjoyed the sessions and am so impressed with what Anne Marie has taught me about myself and some of the lifestyle habits that have been stunting my personal and professional growth for so long. She has the most kind and compassionate nature, teamed with a full set of useful tools to help you to work out any solutions.
Shaheen Khalifa
Talent Acquisition Partner, Engineering sector
After a successful career, I had entered a period of uncertainty after a serious back injury had forced an unexpected career change in a new industry.

Anne Marie’s one to one coaching was impactful and honed into the thoughts that were blocking me from moving forwards. I thought I was quite aware because I had had some coaching many years before, but Anne Marie’s one to one coaching really increased my self-awareness.

I learnt to understand my own thoughts which helped me to understand others better. The key lesson for me was assimilating what I have control of and accepting what I do not have control of. Learning to manage my self-talk was particularly beneficial.
Rogem Gonzales
Project Management Office Lead, HMRC