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Are you constantly stressed, tired or overwhelmed? 
Are you finding it hard to focus and be productive?
 Do you have a poor work life balance? 
Are you feeling lonely or isolated working from home?                   
Do you have goals, yet without the clarity and energy, you struggle to achieve them?

Sounds familiar? You’re not alone…

Today, many of us are running on empty as we recalibrate our lives post pandemic, juggling our work, home and social lives.

The stresses and demands of our current busy work and life situations mean that our physical and mental wellbeing is difficult to maintain and our goals and needs remain unmet.  We may begin to feel ‘out of whack’, giving rise to unhappiness and this can affect every area of our life from work to home, relationships, performance and finances.

Yet our current busy lives may now prevent us from pausing, re-assessing and rebalancing.

This is an unsustainable lifestyle, not to mention deeply dissatisfying.


But here’s the amazing news – there is another way!

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Take time out

By joining our life transformative workshops or delving deeper with one to one coaching, you will be giving yourself the gift of time, space and support.

Time to reset your wellbeing, reboot your vitality, grow and move into a place that puts you back on course for the new norm and for the goals and dreams that you want to achieve.

Our Workshops & Coaching
will re-ignite your passion for life to:

 regain clarity, a sense of calm and peace of mind

 take back control of your life and work situation

rediscover your confidence

improve your focus, productivity and performance

increase your health and vitality

feel happiness and gratitude again

discover your full potential

reset your goals in action to achieve success

Evolve You Now

We work with individuals, groups and companies to improve people’s physical and mental health, wellbeing, work life balance and happiness to move forward and achieve their unique goals and visions.

Working through a mind- body approach, our empowering workshops and coaching will provide you with the practical tools and support to manage your health, wellbeing and mindset better when dealing with your work and life challenges.

From managing stress, worry, anxiety, isolation to health, productivity, performance and relationships, we will help you to become the best version of you. As you boost your confidence, vitality, positivity and more…..


“Anne Marie’s one to one coaching has helped me to realise my self-worth and now I make time to sort out the other areas of my life.”

Fennella Brown